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Customer retention strategies boosted by APIs

Discover some of the most popular customer retention strategies in our new blog taken from our whitepaper ‘How to boost customer retention with APIs’.

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Scrolling webpages with Web Speech API

Would you like to try utilizing the Web Speech API for something? What about utilizing voice commands to navigate a website?
Here is a quick introduction to the Web Speech API before we get started.

Invisible Layer
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Invisible Layer Explained

Discover our secret weapon — the Invisible Layer — and discuss its benefits, how it fares against competitors, and more.

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Dublin Tech Summit & Collision 2022 Event Recap

June was an extremely busy and EVENT-ful month with two back-to-back events across the Atlantic. Find out how we got on at DTS & Collision!

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Understanding the API Lifecycle Fast-track

The API Lifecycle fast-track is designed to be quick and focused on SaaS start-ups prepared to offer their first public API(s) safely.

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EU-Startups Summit 2022 recap

Find out how we got on at the amazing EU-Startups Summit in Barcelona earlier in May, what our key takeaways were and more!

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What is an API?

You’ve probably heard of an “API” before but never fully understood it. Luckily we’re here to break down what an API is and its benefits!

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