API Suite Learning – Vol 2

Stay informed and up to date with the next 3 videos of API Suite Learning, our brand new tutorial series. Don’t miss the first 3 videos if you haven’t watched them already!

API Suite Learning is a guided tutorial series showcasing all the ins and outs of our product. Our senior advisor Alastair Fife guides you on your journey as you learn how to customize the platform, get to grips with the marketplace, invite your client partners and publish your APIs and integrations.

We will continue to add additional resource tutorials as exciting new benefits and features are developed for API Suite. Feel free to comment any questions or queries you may have or reach out to us at

API Suite Learning

Setup API Products

In this video we will examine how a portal admin or developer may setup their API product. We will examine how they will:

  • Create API products
  • Manage API contracts
  • Edit API product details
  • Upload & Publish

Inviting users to your Marketplace/Portal

In this video we will examine the user experience as you begin to invite clients, partners and team members to your portal.

Get to know the Marketplace

In this video we will have a look at the Marketplace from the perspective of your end users. Throughout this short tutorial we will check out how your end users will:

  • Browse through your apps
  • View app details and descriptions
  • Subscribe to an app
  • A brief look at the differing app types available and how to access them.

Other useful resources

📄 View our documentation here: https://cloudoki.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/APIEC/overview 

🧑 Check out our Case Studies here: https://apisuite.io/case-studies/ 

📱 For the latest news check out our blog: https://apisuite.io/blog/

 or follow us on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/api-suite/

and Twitter: https://twitter.com/theapisuite

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